Chris Mendoza
Marathoner, Serial volunteer and experienced technical consultant focused primarily on agile software development across a variety of industries. 
For the past several years, I have been deeply involved with the Chicago design community. Whether I am photographing an AIGA design gathering or filming the Chicago chapter of CreativeMornings, I had a helping hand in elevating our city and bringing the Chicago design community closer together. Outside of volunteering within the community, I have been learning and connecting talent across disciplines.

I have a passion for business process improvement, building and nurturing self-organizing teams, and developing talent in others. I strive to inspire transformation through humility, respect and believing in people. 
Throughout my career, I have traveled around the globe to champion the Agile process by providing training on Agile project development, acceptance criteria writing and project roadmapping. My work has been recognized with AIGA, CreativeMornings and Zagat.

I also am a Blockchain activist, cryptocurrency enthusiast and proponent of Open, Neutral, Decentralized, Borderless, Censorship-resistant blockchains.